Church re-opening

We are pleased to announce there will be a service at our church on the 11th October commencing at 10.45 led by Rev Mike Parsons

This will of course be restricted by government guidelines, the service will be shorter and without singing.

To keep everyone safe please

1.​Please wear a face mask

2.​Enter by the main entrance

3.​Sanitise your hands and go straight into the Sanctuary

4.Leave a contact number or point your smart phone at the QR code before entering the sanctuary

5.At the end of the service please leave by the old front door unless you are using a frame or unable to cope with an even floor, instead make sure the vestibule is clear and leave from the main entrance.

6. Please do not gather in groups to chatter, thank you.

Dial a Service!

It is going to be some time before we can meet again in person at church.

On that basis you are being invited to a virtual service using our landline or mobile phones starting on Sunday 6th September.  We heard about this first from a church in the West Midlands who have been using it successfully since the end of June with no one having been charged for their calls.

Rev Anna Flindell has looked at the small print and found the following: Under Ofcom regulations, calls to your 03 dial-in number MUST be included in the bundled minutes offered by UK mobile and landline networks just like calls to 01 and 02 numbers, but please note, it is wise to check with your phone provider to confirm the specific terms and conditions of your minutes allowance. Some, but not all providers operate a different charging policy after a certain call duration (usually 1 hour). If your provider follows this practice, our advice would be to hang up and re-dial after 55 minutes to avoid call charges.

We will make sure that an eye is kept on the time!

Please dial: 0333 0164 757

When prompted input room number: 20545315 # and Guest PIN: 3349 #.  You are then part of the congregation.  

Dial: 0333 0164 757
Room number: 20545315 #
Guest PIN: 3349 #