Looking forward to the Harvest in September


Harvest is important for so many people – yet we have been hearing about the mountains of food left in our the fields or in a rubbish tip because too much has been sown.

How different in other parts of the world, and in Ethiopia farmers are working har

d to overcome extreme hunger caused by failed harvests.

“All We Can” is providing farmers with the training and seeds that they need to grow successful potato harvests.

Not only is potato cultivation well adapted to the soils of this area, but also the  potatoes last longer, providing much needed nutrition during the hungry months. These and other steps help to ensure successful harvests for the future, providing much needed food and income for families.

Their stories reflect the experience of many people in our world who are working hard to overcome the challenges of poverty, which is why your support at harvest time is so important.

Christine Burrell

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